People & Diamond are the same, whose true potential is unearthed only once it is polished.  In Myazoa, we educate, train & polish those several diamonds amongst us who are waiting to be found

Myazoa offers an elite program for women of all ages to better equip themselves in every area of life. Our primary focus at Myazoa is building confidence and self-esteem in our women.   We are able to do this by offering life changing programs and specialized training in small classes.


Participants from Myazoa walk away from our program with more confidence and self-worth. They also learn principles that benefit them in their everyday life.  We train our students how to communicate properly, enhance their appearance through practical beauty tips, inner image enhancement, apply proper etiquette in their every day living.


We are living in a society where you have only three(3) seconds to make an impression. Etiquette, manners and personal grooming are increasingly playing an important role to open the right doors for you.


Let’s assume that your clients decide to visit a fashionable restaurant for a formal sit-down dinner. What do you do when you are surrounded by pieces of cutlery you have never seen before?


Self-esteem is how you see yourself as a person. If you value the type of person you are, you have a good sense of self-esteem and you're proud to be you. You value your skills and talents, respect your own intelligence and act on your beliefs and feelings.

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  • "Setelah berkursus selama dua hari ,barulah saya sedar berapa pentingnya penampilan diri di tempat kerja dan dimana sahaja kita berada.Bukan sahaja penampilan diri yang ditekanka..."
    Khairin Abdullah
    Sangat-sangat Berpuashati -2
  • "Assalamualaikum.Pertama sekali saya rasa amat bersyukur kerana terpilih menghadiri kursus yang mungkin tidak pernah saya bayangkan.Pengajar yang begitu Cergas ,Cantik , berketer..."
    Khairin Abdullah
    Sangat-sangat Berpuashati -1

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